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Information Wanted

A Member of our Society who is researching the Fire Service came upon these two photographs of Worsbrough ARP Control Room and one of the Trailer Pumps which were part of the Auxiliary/National Fire Service in Worsbrough. The Control Room was in the cellar of the Keel Inn, Green Street, Worsbrough Dale and it is believed that the Fire Station was at the same place. Any information about the Fire Station, ARP and any relatives who might have served and were members of either during WW2 would be appreciated.

ARP  Control Room

Worsbrough AFS with Trailer Pump c1940

Members of Society are also researching the History of the Red Lion Inn and the Worsbrough Police Station. Both buildings were built c1900, The Police Station was built to the standard West Riding design of the time. Any Photographs or Memories of either building would be welcome. A copy of the only picture of the Police Station is shown below also a picture of the Red Lion

Police Station

Red Lion Inn