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A Brigger

A'll allus be a brigger,

It's in me blood yer know.

It's weer ah spent mi child'ood

Still giz me that wahm glo.

Ah wander in mi daydreams,

Dahn t'cuttin an Park Roard,

Past t'Cathlic scooil and t'infants,

Ah wor nivver boored.

Lakin aht on ar street,

Wi t'opscotch an t'skippin rooap,

Stoppin aht till t'lamps came on,

Runnin errands up to t'Co-op.

Walkin dahn to t'booard scooil,

Callin for t'lass next dooar,

Ivery day seemed 'appy,

It meks mi spirits sooar.

So weeriver life may lead mi,

Weeriver ah may go,

A'll allus be a brigger,

It's in mi blood yer know.

Christine Goulding, nee Brammer


There used to be more pubs in t'Dale

More shops in t'Dale

More houses in t'Dale

More people in t'Dale

More schools in t'Dale

More industry in t'Dale

More chapels in t'Dale

More history in t'Dale

And that's why

I'm proud to be a Daler.

We can't all be Briggers!

How about BrigDalers?

Janet Williams (A Brigger married to a Daler)